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Ark Website

Ark is a dark fantasy and sci-fi story about warring gods and political agendas. Our main character Thal soon learns it is fight or die; but a peculiar goddess begs to differ. Currently the comic is in full-color and released online free to read. The plot is to heavily explore just what classifies as an antagonist.


Tyree Website

Tyree is a dark fantasy comic that centers around the main character Viktor as he travels north to confront Death on a deal that will potentially cure his ill father. It is a full-color comic that focuses heavily on a character-driven plot and is free to read online. It is still in its early stages of an archive but has gained support and notice over the years of its development online through my personal art blogs.


Muse Website

Muse is to be an ethereal sci-fi mixed with dark fantasy comic about Neelah, a forsaken muse, attempting to take back her own voice. It is a full-color comic that focuses heavily on a character-driven plot and is free to read online.
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